Who We Are

SilverTimes.ca is a publication of the Active Aging Canada. Active Aging Canada is a charitable, not-for profit coalition comprised of national, provincial, and local organizations, all of whom support and promote the benefits of active healthy living.  The member organizations of the Coalition may be found on the Active Aging Canada web site at:

Active Aging Canada Vision

Active Aging Canada envisions a society where all older Canadians are leading active lifestyles thereby contributing to their physical and overall well-being.

Active Aging Canada Mission

Active Aging Canada, a partnership of organizations and individuals having interest in the field of aging, encourages older Canadians to maintain and enhance their well-being and independence through a lifestyle that embraces daily physical activities.

Silver Times Editorial Board

Patricia Clark,
Active Aging Canada, National Executive Director, ON
Jim Evanchuk,
Active Aging Canada MB, Executive Director, MB
Donna Fagan,
Community Care Access Centre, Registered Dietitian, ON
Charles Keple,
Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism Rep, Representative, SK
Philippe Markon,
Université du Québec, Professor Emeritus, QC
Rosanne Prinsen,
Alberta Centre for Active Living, Resource Coordinator, AB
Kimberly Wilson,
Canadian Coalition for Senior’s Mental Health, Executive Director, ON

To contact the Editorial Board with your comments or questions, please email Patricia Clark at info@activeagingcanada.ca, or call 1-800-549-9799.