Men’s Survival Cooking Program

Brett Makulowich
Saskatoon Council on Aging

The Saskatoon Council on Aging has developed a ‘Men-torship’ Men’s Survival Cooking Program. Older men learn new cooking skills while getting a chance to socialize. They prepare meals that are quick, simple, and easy.

The men in the program may be widowed, or they may have become caregivers for their spouses. Responsibilities such as grocery shopping and meal preparation may be new to them. Sometimes men have a hard time coping on their own. This can be due to a lack of cooking skills, but a lack of social networking skills is also an important factor.

The class showcases seniors helping seniors. Taught by retired home economics teachers, it offers men the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas, tell stories, and enjoy fellowship. All men who take part in the program get a copy of Living Simply, a handbook for adults who are taking on new responsibilities as life changes. Meals appear under catchy headings like: 15-Minute Microwave Meals, Soup ‘R Stew Daze, Fast-A-Pasta Feast, and Potluck.

Murray Scharf, who developed the program for the community, says one of his favourite sessions is the ‘15 minute meal’. Why? Because it is quick to prepare and something that you could make in smaller portions.

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Men’s Survival Cooking Program