Air Quality Aware

As easy and important as checking the weather

As a Canadian, checking the weather is a vital step in heading out for the day. Our ever-changing, and sometimes extreme, weather means we’re often checking and rechecking the forecast daily. It’s a simple routine that’s repeated all across this vast country.

Unlike storm clouds or extreme weather patterns, we often can’t see high levels of air pollution. This is why it’s so important to check daily changes in outdoor air quality - so we can protect our health or the health of those we care about. This is why the Air Quality Health Index (or AQHI for short) is such a useful tool!

The AQHI is a simple scale that helps you understand what outdoor air quality means to your health – the higher the number, the higher the risk. If the AQHI is high, you have options such as limiting short-term exposure to air pollution or adjusting your activity levels. Just as we might reschedule an activity until after a rainy day, checking the AQHI can help us reschedule an activity to when air pollution levels are lower.

Enjoy Your Time Outdoors This Summer!

Scout Environmental and The Running Room, with support from the Government of Canada, are on a mission to encourage Canadians to make the Air Quality Health Index a part of their daily lives. Our ambassadors have been engaging and educating Canadians across the country and will be attending the Seniors Wellness Fair and Open House in Hamilton, ON on June 24th with more locations to come. Remember to stop by and visit with our Air Health Check Ambassador to learn more about the AQHI and take a photo to show your support.


Air Quality Aware

Join us June 24th at Sackville Hill Seniors’ Centre in Hamilton, ON at 1 pm.

New AQHI App Available

On the go? Download the new AQHI Canada App to keep posted on outdoor air quality, plan your outdoor activities and receive alerts specific to your location to find the best time to be active outdoors. Using this tool can help you protect your health by limiting exposure and adjusting outdoor activity levels during increased levels of air pollution.

For more information visit or contact Rob Lines at (416) 922-2448 x234 or

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Rob Lines is with Scout Environmental.

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